Sonia Loinsworth is a singer, songwriter and course leader within the styles of contemplative mantrachant.

Sonia Loinsworth gives concerts and workshops in Mantra-Chant with her own compositions for Tibetan Buddhist Mantras. She combines vocal techniques from classical northern Indian music, harmonic chant and Gregorian chant into a contemplative musical expression; and combines her musical work with a meditative practice.

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Sonia has released three critically acclaimed Cd's with new compositions for some of the Tibetan Mantras. These are in use by practitioners of meditation, in Yoga classes, and as support in various kinds of workshops all over the world.

In concert, Sonia focuses on the deepening potential of the mantras, and gives both soloconcerts and plays with musicians who have been trained in the classical northern-Indian tradition.

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Sonia is educated in music from the University of Georgia, USA, in musical science from the university in Trondheim, Norway. She has been trained as mindfulness instructor and is certified from SFAM, Denmark. Sonia is in a 3-year education in modern vocal technique at Complete Vocal Institute, Copenhagen.

She has received private lessons within the styles of classical european music, classical northern indian vocals, jazz and harmonic chant, and started her musical career at age 18 as a front-figure for several bands on the downtown Oslo music scene. Through nearly 30 years of live performances she has developed her vocal style within the genres of soul, jazz, harmonic chant, and Norwegian folk songs interpreted in a ethnic style together with musicians from the classical Indian tradition.

Since 2001, Sonia has refined her vocal and composing skills through writing and performing music for Tibetan Buddhist Mantras; combining her musical work with a spiritual meditation practice. With strong emphasis on harmonic chant and multilayered vocal tracks, she felt ready to make an album.

"Songs of Compassion" was originally a 20 minute recording, released on Sonica Music in 2002. Inspired by the feedback it received from many corners of the world, Loinsworth decided to compose another 30 minutes of music for "Songs of Compassion II", both albums released on her own label Sonica Music. The album pulls upon vocal styles from various traditions such as Classical Hundustani, Gregorian Chant, Irish folk (devotional songs) and Harmonic Chant, all blended into her own very personal expression. In 2007, Sonia signed an international licensing contract with Aquarius International Music, and released the second full length studio album: "Guru Rinpoche Mantra", with five new compositions to the mantra representing the great Indian tantric master Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche), who was one of the first indian tantric masters bringing Buddhism to Tibet where it merged with the existing Bön tradition, and became Tibetan Buddhism as we know it today.


Sonia performs at the Norwegian Concert Institute, at festivals, churches and cultural events, and gives concerts for practitioners of meditation in Europe. She also teaches groups in Mantra-chant, and writes articles for the main Norwegian magazine "Vision" on music and spirituality in the major world traditions, and mindfulness in creative and innovative processes.

She has received grants from the Norwegian Art Council, Fund for performing artists, Fund for sound & visual productions, the International cultural coordinator of Trondheim, and from the Norwegian Embassy in several countries. The concerts have been highly appreciated when used in official contexts in Norway.

Sonia has performed for the prime minister of Norway and H.R.H. the King of Norway at the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. She was also chosen to perform at the Archbishops museum for a delegation from the Japanese Emperor. She is often invited to perform at international and intercultural conferences within scientific research, education and innovation conferences.

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