Portrait: Lasse Berre
Musician: Hielke Gerritse

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About the artist

Sonia Loinsworth is a singer, composer, author, publisher, cultural producer, and serial entrepreneur with a career spanning over 30 years.

She has founded eleven nationwide companies/concepts and two nonprofit organizations, including Barnas Musikkteater, Norway's largest provider of concerts and performing arts shows for children aged 1-6.

Sonia has toured Europe with her original music, delivering over 3000 concerts that showcase a rich musical palette ranging from Soul to Gregorian chant, overtones, and modal music, inspired by vocal traditions from around the world.

Besides her musical achievements, Sonia has excelled as a cultural producer and social entrepreneur, spearheading successful projects supported by both large and small funds in research, music, performing arts, innovation, climate, environment, and ecology. Among these projects is a significant EU initiative for Romani children in Transylvania, Romania.

She is also an author and publisher, and has released three books on her own publishing house. Her fourth book was released this year.

Sonia is an advocate for human rights within the boundaries of the individual experience, from whence it all begins. Freeing the mind is the key to free oneself from outer restrictions, for most people on the planet.

ETHOS 2050 is expanding Sonia’s artistic reach, as she for the first time enters into the field of visual arts and video installation, combined with her skills as a writer.