Sonia Loinsworth - vocals   /   Oscar Jansen - piano


Kilden Kulturhus, Kristiansand 29. September 2017    Billetter her


A hundred years after Billie Holiday was born, we are celebrating her musical life. She paved the path for female singers within the genres of blues and jazz, and portrayed through a long career the hard life available for women of color at the time. Billie Holiday recorded a wide range of classics and her music is still played widely throughout the world. The songs she sang have been reproduced in hundreds of new recordings by other artists over the past century.

Sonia Loinsworth began her music career as a singer within the styles of jazz, soul and funk on Oslo's music scene in the 80s. At one point she went over to modal music, singing Norwegian folk songs interpreted with harmonic chant and multilayered vocal tracks. Her vocal work has been influenced by classical Indian vocal ornamentation and various vocal styles from the Himalayas. Sonia proceeded into 15 years of composing, recording and giving concerts/recitals with Buddhist mantras.

When she returns to the classical jazz repertoire, Sonia draws on these traditions, while maintaining the contemplative aspect. She interprets the classical jazz repertoire within a large vocal span from the lyrical and intimate to the metallic and experimental.

Sonia is half Norwegian and half Trinidadian; with roots in the afro-caribbean tradition. She has lived and studied music in Georgia, USA.

"I listen to and play a wide variety of music on my Radio Show, La Otra Orilla in Barcelona, Spain.

It ranges from jazz music (instrumental, vocal, classic, standards, contemporary experimental...) to world music from all over the world, but I almost never enjoy them in the same album.

My listeners have known Sonia Loinsworth´s beautiful voice for years through her mantra chant albums. Now she has released a new album, A tribute to Billie Holiday; with the perfect mixture of both genres, thanks to her musical background.

Moreover, eastern overtone chanting or harmonic singing has rarely been mixed with western jazz; which gives this album a more remarkable and welcome outcome, and a more precious and exclusive choice for collectors and music lovers of both genres.... "

Francisco López
La Otra Orilla on Ràdio Despí, Barcelona, Spain




"A remarkable universe of musical play and barrier-breaking vocal acrobatics. The magical atmosphere is irresistible, and no one is left unaffected by this experience. The air is filled with passionate and love-saturated sound that leaves you enchanted and changed. Thanks."

— Kim Birger

"Thank you so much for the magical concert yesterday. Your voice and performance moved both body and soul. It was beautiful to experience the fantastic interaction between you and the pianist. When I came home, I thought of the singer Yma Sumac."

— Cathrine

"Sonia Loinsworths voice and the way she performed the concert in Stavanger yesterday was fantastic. Her meditative touch moved me to new heights, and she gave me a different and, in fact, rare concert experience."

— Reidun

"It was a very special experience. Such a magnificent voice is very unusual. It went straight to the soul. Thank you for a wonderful concert with a special emotional expression."

"Thank you, Sonia, for a magical concert. You offer your expression generously, and I am greatly impressed by the unique, enchanting and playful way that you use your voice. A whole new musical experience. The pianist was fantastic too!"

— Renate

"Sublime! Many thanks for a fantastic concert. Your being and your voice are unique!"

— Henning