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A hundred years after Billie Holiday was born, we are celebrating her musical life.She paved the path for female singers within the genres of blues and jazz, and portrayed through a long career the hard life available for women of color at the time. Billie Holiday recorded a wide range of classics and her music is still played widely throughout the world. The songs she sang have been reproduced in hundreds of new recordings by other artists over the past century.

Sonia Loinsworth began her music career as a singer within the styles of jazz, soul and funk on Oslo's music scene in the 80s. At one point she went over to modal music, singing Norwegian folk songs interpreted with harmonic chant and multilayered vocal tracks. Her vocal work has been influenced by classical Indian vocal ornamentation and various vocal styles from the Himalayas. Sonia proceeded into 15 years of composing, recording and giving concerts/recitals with Buddhist mantras.


Over the past twenty years Sonia Loinsworth has offered many concerts/recitals at the legendary Tomba Emmanuelle in Oslo, and we felt it was time to share this extraordinary and unique musical atmosphere that reflects the deep spirit from whence it emerges so amazingly.

This recording is as close as it gets to being there. The pure sound of Sonia singing Tibetan Buddhist mantras in a state of contemplation is lent wings with subtle drone instrumentation on three crystal quartz singing bowls, all enhanced by the acoustic soundscape of the Tomba.

Review from the Norwegian magazine VISJON:
"... Her magical voice is surrounded by the wonderful sound and acoustics of the Tomba Emmanuelle. The vocals are accompanied by the sound of crystal bowls. Loinsworth alternates between spontaneous, improvised vocal and traditional Buddhist mantras. She combines it beautifully and creates a deep meditative experience, and uses that special room almost like an instrument. ........ We hear the inspiration from Gregorian chant, ethnic music and harmonic chant. All woven together into a personal and musical whole. "Live from Tomba Emmanuelle" is both a powerful meditation CD and a beautiful musical experience. "


Sacred Chants and Celestial music
This album revolves around the Mantra which invokes the blessings and sacred energies of Guru Rinpoche, the enlightened Indian master who was among the first to bring Buddhism to Tibet.
In five new compositions, drawing inspiration from female Tibetan as well as Gregorian chanting, Sonia Loinsworth's rich, warm and subtle voice expresses the multidimensional qualities of Guru Rinpoche's heart essence in a haunting and timeless way that supports and enhances contemplative practices such as meditation, T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and many other forms of healing.

Transformed again by composer and musician Frode Fiellheim's masterful arrangements into a beautiful soundscape merging Tibetan ritual and classical European music with contemporary ambient moods, these sacred chants purify and bless our inner and outer environment and leave us immersed in clarity and peace.


Evocative recitations of the mantras of Padmasambhava and Avalokiteshvara

Sonia Loinsworth performs her own compositions over two of the Tibetan mantras in this heart spelling album. The beautfiful combination of contemplative compositions with Loinsworth's clear, yet very powerful vocals, gives this album a rich variety and intensity.

Sonia writes music in the style of drone, vocal lines and harmonics, and the 6 tracks on this album vary from one single vocal line to multilayered vocal tracks with harmonics. Loinsworth's compositions and vocal register spans from the clarity of Gregorian Chant to the mystique of Arabic vocal ornamentation and classical northern Indian vocals. The overall deep musical resonance and the healing power of the Tibetan mantras makes this music an extraordinary support to the meditation practice.


This is the same CD, and was first released in Scandinavia as a follow-up to the 20-minuter recording. These two are the same CD.

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